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Documentation of older versions of Xray is available in this page.

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Xray supports integration with Continuous Integration tools, thanks to its REST API.

Popular CI tools

To integrate with Bamboo, please see the Xray for Bamboo for instructions.

Legacy instructions

Please read the blog posts below for detailed procedures on how to set up your CI tool.

Other tools

If you need to integrate with a CI tool not mentioned above, you generally have to follow this workflow: 

  1. Export tests from Jira

  2. Run the tests
  3. Import the results back to Jira

If you have your tests specification in your Version Control System (e.g., Git, SVN) and prefer to implement CI from there, then in step 1, you would obtain the tests from your VCS.

Learn more

Please take a look at the general guidelines for Working with Automated Tests and also the specifics for Testing with Cucumber.

CI in a project using Cucumber tests

Export Cucumber tests

curl -u admin:admin http://xrayserver/rest/raven/1.0/export/test?keys=CALC-173 -o features/

Unzip the tests (Cucumber .feature files)

unzip -o features/ -d features/

Run the tests and save the report

cucumber -x -f json -o report.json

Import the test results to Jira

curl -H “Content-Type: application/json” -X POST -u admin:admin –data @report.json http://xrayserver/rest/raven/1.0/import/execution/cucumber
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